Due to the high demand of other products, Midwest Tube Mills has temporarily suspended sales of rectangular tubing. We hope to resume production in the near future.

Midwest Tube Mills is an American owned company and a leading manufacturer of high quality, 100% domestically sourced steel tubing for use in the high security, industrial/commercial, residential and mechanical marketplace. Whenever your requirements call for durable, high-quality tubing products, you can count on Midwest Tube Mills.



We manufacture fully-galvanized round steel tube and pipe products in a variety of gauges, diameters and lengths (40’+) for mechanical applications.



We manufacture square and rectangular steel framework for multiple applications including carports, greenhouses and other ornamental and outdoor applications.


Framing Components

Whenever you need durable, high quality steel products for your carport or other metal buildings, you can count on Midwest Tube Mills.


Our tubing is manufactured to meet or exceed stringent industry and government standards. All of our products receive the highest level of inside and outside coatings for unmatched corrosion resistance.


We take great pride in providing individualized customer service. We have built our business understanding and responding to our customer’s needs.


At Midwest Tube Mills, we believe that the key to becoming an industry leader is to constantly improve our relationships, processes and products. We believe that in order to lead the market we need to introduce new and innovative products that provide solutions to our customer’s needs.